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Ulysse Nardin CEO Gives Mike Piazza Rare Midnight Express Watch


(Mike Piazza, Getty Images)


Twelve-time MLB All-Star Mike Piazza was given a rare gift to celebrate his election into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame. Ulysse Nardin CEO, Patrik P. Hoffmann presented Piazza with one of the one hundred existing Ulysse Nardin Midnight Express watches, as a congratulatory gift for his Hall of Fame election.

Ulysse Nardin, a master in the production of marine chronometers for over a century, partnered with Midnight Express in 2015 to create the Ulysse Nardin Edition 43 open—a one of a kind 43-foot performance boat powered by four 557 hp Seven Marine engines. To showcase the collaboration, Ulysse Nardin created one hundred limited-edition Marine Diver Midnight Express time pieces. The stainless steel watch given to Piazza, estimated to be worth $25,000, prominently features both companies’ logos, among wave patterns that are painted around a rotating bezel.

To view images of the Ulysse Nardin – Midnight Express collaboration, click here.

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