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Midnight Express unveils a new era of powerboating with The Quintessence43

June 15, 2015 | Hollywood, FL

(For Immediate Release)

Midnight Express offered a glimpse into the future of powerboating when building the world’s first model with five outboard engines several years ago. The future arrived today, as Midnight’s engineers officially unveiled what is being hailed as one of the industry’s biggest innovations in years.

The new model line will be called the Quintessence43, named for its groundbreaking five 400HP Mercury racing outboard engines uniquely set up with surfacing props and Sport-Master drives. Midnight has been the industry leader in five-engine outboard designs since introducing them to the world in 2007, but has reinvented the experience with the first ever two lever control system known as the ErgoEngine Control, which is exclusive to Midnight Express. The design offers a powerful yet simple usability that will go unrivaled in the industry. With speeds comfortably in excess of 90 MPH, having only 2 levers to maneuver, rather than the typical 6, will simplify things so the captain can focus on where he is going. The innovative turnkey solution for advanced five-engine control is literally just that, as it takes just one key to start all five engines, which is another Midnight Express exclusive.

“It was clear that the masterminds at Midnight were setting out to change the game with this one,” said Tim Ciasulli, a national and world champion in powerboat racing who holds the record for the fastest lap speed in the history of the sport. “The Quintessence43 does just that, and will redefine powerboating for those who experience it.” Ciasulli acquired the first ever Quintessence model produced, which launched this past week.

The Quintessence43 is a 43’ foot boat with an extra-wide 12.5’ beam. It features a true twin stepped hull which produces minimal bow rise while getting on plane. It is built with Midnight’s exclusive infusion molded and cored structure across the entire boat, which allows for a lighter and faster boat while actually fortifying to make it stronger and more fuel efficient. The result is class-leading rough water handling, enhanced by the Midnight Exclusive Integrated Spray Reduction (ISR) system that also keeps the boat more dry by creating a first ever new shape at the bow that catches all water coming off the bow and pushes it back down. Midnight Express Quintessence43 Line Drawing

Midnight’s innovative design extends beyond the performance to the accessories and usability as well, with a 100% carbon fiber side dive door with an integrated ladder, a 100% carbon fiber infused hard top, and a cabin loaded with gadgets suited for James Bond with a fully digital control system powered with Garmin touch screens. The entire digital control system is operated with wireless remotes as well, to allow the user to select different lighting modes, or turn the battery switches on and off without climbing into a tight space.

Every great conductor of this boat will enjoy the full symphony offered by the stereo system which includes 14 speakers, six subwoofers and six amps producing 3200 watts. For more information on The Quintessence43 contact Tighe Estes at Midnight Express.



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