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The Midnight Express 39 has remained the leader among high performance off shore center consoles due to continual evolution and optimization. Engineers and designers at Midnight Express have been tirelessly incorporating cutting-edge technology, the most advanced materials, and the most innovative solutions to make the newest iteration of the new 39S far above and beyond anything in its class.

Let us show you the exciting new 39S technology.



Midnight Express has the ability to customize your 39S Open with a range of performance and luxury options well beyond the capabilities of other manufacturers.

To make your vision a reality, you work directly with our engineers and designers at our U.S. factory where our boats are built from top to keel. At Midnight Express we are limited only by your imagination. We welcome the opportunity to customize, collaborate and co-brand with the performance boating enthusiast and lifestyle brands you appreciate most.


Don’t be fooled by the imitations!!! Only steps that traverse the entire width of the hull, have adequate depth, proper curvature, and exact position according to rigid engineering standards produce the performance of the Midnight Express 39S hull. And yes, 2 steps create optimal efficiency, stability, and ride attitude, not 1.


As water rushes past the trailing edge of a boat’s transom with the boat running on plane, it is generating strong upward forces. The upward trajectory of the boat’s wake as it escapes from behind the transom is evidence of these powerful forces. A properly engineered and shaped hull step functions the same way the trailing edge of the transom does - creating powerful upward forces that lifts the hull and significantly reduces drag. The careful design of the shape of the step ensures even force when the boat turns creating a hull that is agile during turns and carves the turn without slipping or loss of control. To ensure adequate lift, it is imperative that the step spans the entire width of the boat.


To answer the question of 2 steps versus 1 -- The first diagram below illustrates the situation with a single step. Note how a single step produces a see-saw effect creating an intrinsically unstable situation. Contrast this with the second illustration with two steps carefully positioned relative to the center of gravity. With 2 steps, the situation is significantly more stable than with 1 step.


The extensive experience Midnight Express brings to the design and engineering of our hulls separates us from the rest!


The hull and deck are fully infused and cored to reduce weight while improving strength and reproducibility. Key components incorporate the added benefit of carbon-fiber. Even the stringers are infused as part of the hull creating a unitized structure for added strength and durability.  The benefit of these weight savings is faster top speed and higher cruising fuel economy.


What is the purpose of Core in the construction of a boat hull? The best way to think about the function of Core material is to consider the analogy of an I-beam. An I-beam is designed to resist bending. Consider two sheets of steel or in the case of a boat hull, fiberglass. Placing two sheets together will add some stiffness, but this strength can be dramatically increased by separating the two sheets with a sheet of material perpendicular to and separating the two parallel sheets. The Core in a boat hull adds strength in a similar way. 


Traditionally, many manufacturers used balsa wood as Core. The problem with balsa wood is that it can rot. Hence, Midnight Express utilizes the most advanced high tech Core materials that will not rot but instead add strength and reduce weight. Midnight Express has taken this to the next level since we are one of the few manufacturers able to use Core within the hull bottom as well as the hull sides and the entire deck.


Flared bows and spray rails are old technology for reducing spray on boat occupants. Flared bows are more suited to slower running hulls that ride with the bow deeper in the water. This is a design that also tends to worsen bow steer. The effect of spray rails is limited to only a small area of the bow surface thereby limiting their efficacy. At Midnight Express, we have developed a unique, proven proprietary bow design that offers a significantly drier ride. As a result, you and your guests remain more comfortable and relaxed. 

You’re going to love your experience on a Midnight Express 39S!!!



Dive Door

Developing a dive door in a high performance ocean-going boat is a challenge that our engineers have the experience to manage. The result is a unique structural design of the hull, deck, and door. The hull and deck opening are molded into both structures so that they form an integrated unit, instead of cut in after hull and deck construction like many other manufacturers do.  Additionally, strategically placed reinforcements are placed in and around the opening to create stiffness equal to a boat without a dive door.  The resulting structure on the 39S is so stiff and strong that in out testing the boat could be run at speed with the door open without significant hull flex, yet when the door is closed, it locks into place, and stiffens the opening further.
(Note: running with the side door open is not recommended.)

To add to ease of use of the optional side door on your Midnight Express 39S the door is constructed of carbon fiber so that it is light but strong.  Additionally, the dive ladder is integrated into the door, requiring no other parts to use, other than dropping to door down.

Midnight Express 3-12-13
Midnight Express 3-12-13

Hard Top

Initially, tops on center console boats were made of canvass. The advantages of a hard top are many, but their typical fiberglass construction adds significant weight that raises the center of gravity and compromises handling and performance. This is why the new 39S has a unique optional carbon fiber hard top that gives the advantages of a hard top while substantially reducing weight, lowering the center of gravity, and improving performance and handling.

The new 39S is all about Performance and Handling


Ease-Of-Access has long been a hallmark of Midnight Express boats. As part of this mission, the forward door to the head is expansive and opens outward without impeding the captain's view. The large size of this fiberglass door made it heavy. Now, in the new 39S, the still expansive forward head door is constructed from carbon-fiber instead of fiberglass, reducing the weight of the door.  This light door allows for easy opening and closing of the door, as well as less stress on the hinges, and eliminating the sagging that might be caused from a heavier door.

The Midnight Express 39S continues to evolve and advances Ease of Use!!!


From its very inception, Midnight Express has embodied style and breath taking beauty. To make the 39S stand out even more, a NEW option of an aerodynamically swooped arch is being offered. Its all-aluminum structure allows it to be light and strong. You can have this amazing new optional arch in the color of your choice.

The new 39S continues to raise the bar for style and beauty!!!


To add to the enjoyment of the advanced performance and style of the new 39S, Midnight Express is offering the option of Sport Seating with beautiful and comfortable new designs and materials.


 New interiors to match the style and performance of the 39S.