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Midnight Express has the ability to customize your 37 CABIN with a range of performance and luxury options well beyond the capabilities of other manufacturers.

To make your vision a reality, you work directly with our engineers and designers at our U.S. factory where our boats are built from top to keel. At Midnight Express we are limited only by your imagination. We welcome the opportunity to customize, collaborate and co-brand with the performance boating enthusiast and lifestyle brands you appreciate most.


Do you want a boat with such amazing style and beauty that it compels everyone to stop and stare whenever you drive by? A boat with an advanced look that distinguishes it from all others? So unique that you turn to look at it again and again as you leave the dock at the end of an awesome boating day? Then you need a Midnight Express 37 Cabin!



Midnight Express Photo Shoot 9-19-14

The Legendary Midnight Express hull, with its True Balance Twin Step design, Integrated Spray Reduction System (ISR), and Fully Infused and Cored Monocoque construction, outperforms all others. Carefully chosen utilization of incredibly light carbon fiber parts such as the beautifully molded hardtop and optional dive door, are engineered to lower the center of gravity. These are some of the reasons the Midnight Express hull has been the choice of military and law enforcement agencies worldwide – applications where performance is mission critical.

The need to create an exhilarating and fun experience along with a feeling of comfort and confidence for your family and guests make performance mission critical to you. The Midnight Express 37 Cabin can be powered by either triple or quad outboard engines to suit your performance desires. Combine this with a unique configuration that balances space utilization to give you a comfortable, stylish overnight cabin, large head with the open above deck areas for lounging and enjoying the water.


Don’t be fooled by the imitations! Only steps that traverse the entire width of the hull, have adequate depth, proper curvature, and exact position according to rigid engineering standards produce the performance of the Midnight Express 37 Cabin hull. And yes, 2 steps create optimal efficiency, stability, and ride attitude, not 1. 




What is the purpose of Core in the construction of a boat hull? The best way to think about the function of Core material is to consider the analogy of an I-beam. An I-beam is designed to resist bending. Consider two sheets of steel or in the case of a boat hull, fiberglass. Placing two sheets together will add some stiffness but this strength can be dramatically increased by separating the two sheets with a sheet of material perpendicular to and separating the two parallel sheets. The Core in a boat hull adds strength in a similar way. 


Traditionally, many manufacturers used balsa wood as Core. The problem with balsa wood is that it can rot. Hence, Midnight Express utilizes the most advanced high tech Core materials that will not rot but instead add strength and reduce weight. Midnight Express has taken this to the next level since we are one of the few manufacturers able to use Core within the hull bottom as well as the hull sides and the entire deck.

Ease of Use


  • Electronic central control of all functions
  • One key control of all engines
  • Two lever controls for all engine configurations up to 4 engines
  • Remote control of batteries and other systems
  • Integrated fold-out boarding steps
  • Side Door
  • 100% Carbon-fiber
  • Lighter and stronger
  • Integrated ladder
  • Self-retracting fresh water showers to reach every location throughout the deck

Customized for you

Have it your way. Midnight Express’ ability to customize each boat we build for your specific wants and needs allows us to create a unique experience for you and you alone.  Let us show you the incredible range of innovative custom features we have developed for our customers.  


Midnight Express has an extremely creative and talented engineering department in house to help you make your boat work the best for your needs. We offer the most modern, stylish interior finishes in the industry.

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