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Midnight Advantage

Midnight Advantages

Take a sea trial and experience the difference.


Express yourself with a customized Midnight Express. 
Leaders in Advanced Construction Technology
Our models are built with the finest quality materials and the newest technology in the market...

Midnight Express is a leader in advanced construction technology. Our models are built with the finest quality materials and the newest technology in the market. All of our boats are manufactured in the United States. The Midnight Express construction and design teams are committed to producing top of the line, sustainable boats.

The following are merely a few examples of our unrivaled construction technology:

o   In order to provide a stronger yet lighter hull structure, we fully infuse all of our hulls and decks in a process called resin infusion. This process implements closed cell foam coring which is impervious to moisture, helping to create an extremely strong, lite-weight structure.

o   The precision integrated stringer system is fully infused in the same process as our hull structure. This stringer and bulkhead system is fabricated using the precision and advanced technology of our Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine.

o   Carbon Fiber Side Doors and Hardtops present a lighter yet stronger alternative to other industry models. Carbon Fiber is an extremely strong yet lightweight material. As a result performance, fuel efficiency and endurance are improved.

Ease of Use
Midnight Express aims to make every user experience as comfortable and relaxing as possible, while providing you with maximum performance...

Our boats are equipped with the most advanced technologies to ensure ease of use and control. You can chose among standard and optional features that include:

  • Electronic central control of all functions
  • One key control of all engines
  • Two lever controls for all engine configurations up to 6 engines
  • Remote control of batteries and other systems
  • Integrated fold-out boarding steps
  • Side Door - 100% Carbon-fiber • Lighter and stronger • Integrated ladder
  • Carbon-fiber Hard Top improving handling by lowering the center of gravity
  • Self-retracting fresh water showers to reach every location throughout the deck

......And Many Other Midnight Exclusives.

Sea Command Console
Our customized command center will allow you to pilot your Midnight Express on the open water with style and precision...

Midnight Express strives to provide you with ergonomics set-up to suit your individual desires. Thus, we have designed the most expansive and customizable console in the industry. You cannot only choose the instruments and layout, you can choose the aesthetic design as well.

The Sea Command Console has two controls for multiple engine regulation, as well as options for electronic control of your entire system.  The Midnight Advantage is that your boat will have the instrumentation and controls configured specifically for YOU.

And the access to key components provided by the design and engineering of our Sea Command Console is second to none.

Midnight Express Photo Shoot 9-19-14
Head-Turning Style & Design
The visual impact, sensual lines, and overall design of each of the legendary Midnight Express boats turn heads wherever they go...

As an owner of a Midnight Express, you are part of an exclusive group of people who get to experience the pride of owning a true nautical work of art. Our precision crafted boats are made from the highest quality materials and are engineered to create the exclusive image that comes with a Midnight Express.  Each time you walk away from the dock, you will look back and admire the beauty of the boat you are proud to call your own. A true Midnight Advantage.

Midnight Express 3-12-13
Class leading rough water handling
After getting behind the wheel of a Midnight Express, you immediately feel the difference...

Midnight Express’ legendary rough water performance is a result of our total commitment to constantly advancing technologies implemented by our experienced engineering team. These innovations include:

  • True Twin-Stepped Hull
  • Integrated Spray Reduction (ISR) System
  • Totally Infused Hull and Deck
  • Integrated Stringers and Bulkheads
  • Totally Cored Hull Sides and Bottom

.....and many other advanced design elements. 

Midnight Express has long earned its reputation as a class leading rough water handling manufacturer.  When piloting a Midnight Express you will feel confident at speed and in tight maneuvers, just how cruising the open water should be.  Take a test drive to experience the smooth, quiet, and steady ride that is unmatched by any other boat in the world. 

Drive a Midnight Express and be prepared to be amazed......no other boat compares!!!  

Family Owned & Managed
Our business is a family passion...

Midnight Express Boats is owned and managed by the Glaser family. This means that our business is a family passion. When choosing Midnight Express for your purchase or service needs you will always have access to the owners, and will work with one or more of us in the building, customization, or purchase of your boat. 

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