Building Your Dreams

At Midnight Express we are limited only by your imagination.

Midnight Express has the ability to customize your dream boat with a range of performance and luxury options well beyond the capabilities of other manufacturers. To make your vision a reality, you work directly with our engineers and designers at our U.S. factory where our boats are built from top to keel. More, we invite you to visit our factory as your boat is being built; you’ll enjoy taking in the most advanced technologies available and feel integral to the process.

We’ll also send you pictures and videos of each stage of craftsmanship: a work of art being sculpted for you. You have access to our family-owned and operated enterprise dedicated to developing each boat as a unique and powerful creation.

Designing and building your boat reaches the height of collaboration at Midnight Express. We work with you in sharing the excitement and fulfillment of delivering your dream; your personalized formula for fun on the water.

Midnight Express’ ability to customize and collaborate is best exemplified by our track record in Co-Branding with the ultimate example being our partnership with Ulysse Nardin. Together we successfully align the premier manufacturer of prestige Swiss watches with Midnight Express, the premier manufacturer of prestige performance boats. The result is a special edition Ulysse Nardin Midnight Express 43’ Performance Yacht paired with a Limited Edition Midnight Express Ulysse Nardin luxury watch.

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It all starts with just a thought. If you can imagine it, we can most likely put it down on paper for you to get the ball rolling.

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We can color match to your favorite car, or that favorite t-shirt of yours. We can also make sure there's space for your extended family onboard.

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We can create full-color renders for you of your one off boat, and keep you up to date on the step by step process.

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You have full access during the build process, and it is even encouraged you come by to the factory to see the progress up close and personal.

Comfort Meets Design


It’s not just about whether you want cross stitching or not on your upholstery. We can combine colors and textures to make sure your boat is unique. Everything from custom motorized loungers to adding your logo throughout the seating can be arranged. We can even create custom configurations of our seats to maximize your space.

Ideas Meet Functionality


Want three large Garmin touchscreen displays in your carbon fiber dash…not a problem. Or maybe eating on board is more your style. We can incorporate custom refrigerators and sink/prep areas, as well as adding extra space for your dining experiences.

Speed Meets Style


The color options on the exterior of the boat can be as unique as you are. You can choose from our existing palette, or we can color match you favorite Lamborghini or Rolls Royce color. If that’s not enough we can utilize painters to make sure your boat stands out that much more from the crowd.

Power Meets Grace


Our motor configurations cover all that your adrenaline desire. If you feel you need 2,228 HP to get you to Bimini a little quicker we got you covered. Or maybe you just need a configuration to conquer the ocean and the sandbar…our engineers will cater to your every need.